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This Carbon Steel Ball Valve from M.A. Stewart & Sons features a reduced port, a one-piece body and a blowout-proof stem. It can withstand pressures up to 2,000 psi WOG and is available in 1/4" to 2" sizes. Other features include: vinyl handle grip; carbon steel plated handle, handle nut and seat retainer; stainless steel ball, stem and washers; reinforced teflon thrust washer and seat.

Fortune Fusible Link

The Fusible Link is mounted in an open position onto the Fortune 328-TF or 428-TF ball valve. It is used in environments where high heat and fire are major factors. The links can withstand heat up to 165 degrees or 212 degrees. When the link is exposed to temperatures above this limit, it will break resulting in the valve automatically shutting off, preventing any leaking gases being released into the environment.


Nutron ball valves are made of forged carbon steel or stainless steel and are safe for standard, sour and sour low temperature applications, from 2,000 up to 6,000 psi WOG. Springer Valves sells the Nutron Ball Valves in 1/2" through 2".

Fortune 328-TF SS/428-TF CS

Springer Valves offers two models of Fortune two-piece threaded end connection valves. The 328-TF SS and the 428-TF CS are quite similar, both have graphite packing, are capable of withstanding up to 2,000 psi WOG and are available in sizes up to 2". The 328 is made of stainless steel and the 428 is made of carbon steel. Threaded end connection valves feature blowout proof stems and optional fire safe design.


Springer Valves carries Lance carbon steel ball valves, capable of withstanding 2,000 psi WOG and available in sizes 1/4" to 1". The body and end connector are made of carbon steel; the ball is chrome plated carbon steel; the stem and gland nut are stainless steel; the stem packing and stem bearing are made of glass-filled teflon and the plated steel handle is encased in a vinyl handle grip for comfort and slip resistance.


Ball valves with Spring Returns

Environmentally friendly, reliable ball valves

Springer Valves Inc. is a privately owned company located in Leduc, Alberta, Canada. In 1989, Springer Valves was getting requests from various customers for a spring return fail closed valve. At that time, Springer developed the 'spring return safety valve'.

These valves are equipped with a spring return handle which makes them safer and more reliable. An installed spring return holds the ball valve in a closed position except for when it is manually opened. This helps prevent leakage and waste making it an environmentally friendly and safe choice. We supply affordable, high quality ball valves that can be used in a vast array of industrial, oilfield, commercial, and equipment applications. Some of these applications may be wellheads, bleed-off valves, pressure relief valves and heavy samplers.

Springer Valves Inc. stocks five valve lines, the Nutrons, M.A. Stewart, Lance, and Fortune, as well as the Apollo, which has an internal spring. Springer Valves Inc. continues to spring return customer supplied valves as well, provided the valve can accommodate an anchor bolt and is capable of withstanding the strength of the spring.


Possible Applications for Springer Valves products:

  • Well-heads
  • Bleed-off valves
  • Safety Valves
  • Sample taking valves
  • Steam trap bleed-offs
  • Sight flow bleed-offs
  • Condensate bleed-offs
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Strainer bleed-offs
  • Oil to compressors
  • Bull-plug replacements
  • Bypass valves
  • Double block and bleed relief valves
  • Injection valves
  • Fill chemical pots
  • Water injection plant
  • Recycle line to battery
  • NACE MR-01-75 for Sour Gas
  • Treater sampler
  • Heavy oil sampler


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